Lagom is a Swedish word widely translated as “in moderation” and “in balance”. The archetypal Swedish proverb “Lagom är bäst” literally means “The right amount is best”.

At AB Fitness we embrace this ethos: Through our exercise plans, our nutritional guidance and supporting a healthy mindset, we help our clients reach their optimum balance.


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FiT Club

A fun and challenging outdoor workout, where no two sessions will be the same. This is fitness for all – we motivate each other and feel better for it.

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Burn 45

A 45 minute combo of dynamic, high-energy moves focusing on the whole body, helping to maximise calorie burn while targeting core muscles.

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A 45 minute, low impact workout incorporating stretches, balance and controlled movement with music. Perfect for those who want to tone at a more moderate tempo.

Fitness Coaching

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The AB FIT BUS will visit your workplace and lead your team in a customised outdoor or indoor session. The FIT BUS has a range of on-board equipment to maximise your workout. Return to your desk re-energised!

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1:1 is a client-focused service that offers a personalised programme specific to you. Starting with an initial meeting to get to know you and discuss your aims, together we develop a plan to train regularly to achieve those goals and get the results you want.

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Prefer to train with others but want to work towards a shared goal? Create your own ‘mini-class’ with friends at a time and location to suit your group. Group Training offers the benefit of a more personal workout whilst sharing the cost with others.

AB Kitchen

At AB Fitness, we emphasise the importance of balancing your training plan with the best food intake to give your body the fuel it needs.
The profusion of nutrition information available today can make managing a healthy diet a daunting task. We offer nutritional guidance to help you create a delicious, satisfying eating plan, from recipes to complement your training regime to a complete diet overview.



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